Oh, The Anticipation…

This weekend is calling. My fishy senses are burning. It feels like I’m a child waiting to unwrap his presents on Christmas morning. There is a full moon coming on the 16th and a low pressure front on its way the same day. The water is hovering around 42cfs which is high, but not too high, just right. Temperatures are on the rise and the bugs should be rolling in. The problem, me. I am the one variable to make or break this coming trip. The confusion between “matching the hatch” and fishing those big, easy to find bugs is killing me. Do I tie up big black nymphs? Do I tie griffith’s gnats and midges? Do I tie something big and flashy? Small and flashy?

My mind is far from at ease. Worrying that this sudden outburst of high heat into the 70’s is going to turn the river into a mudslide (more resembling the drink). There is a point during the great anticipation where a person can become over prepared for his or her trip. I find myself catching more fish when I have a limited or short supply of bugs probably because I don’t change flies as often. Being over prepared also leads me to believe that you forget the bare essentials, opting for things that you might need rather than the things you really need like tippet or your rod. Being organized is a big task for me. The easiest way to be prepared would be to simply make a list. Then I say to myself, “Self, you’ve been doing this for over 15 years, you know exactly what you need and don’t need to make sissy noob lists”. After I agree with that little devil on my shoulder, I sprint off into the darkness not knowing what is in the back of the car and realizing 30 minutes into the trip that I am missing something that is easily purchased at the next stop. Because of this, I have at least 20 sets of cheap hemostats. Meanwhile, I hear, “I told you so” from the other devil on the opposite shoulder.

I guess the moral of this story is that there is a chance that you forget something that gets lost in the excitement. Sometimes you have to do something that’s not very cool like making a list and a backup to that list and maybe 4 or 5 rough drafts of this list. Maybe even take cues from Santa Claus and check your list twice. Time consuming you say? Yes it is, but at least you are wearing pants.

After this weekend, there will be fishy pictures and a good story of an adventure. I promised myself a post on Thursday, and therefore must do so in order to appease the “I told you so” devil.

Lesson #2: When making a list it is important that you remember where you put that list, or make a list of places that you keep the list you have made. Reread.

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