To Whom It May Concern…

Recently I’ve found a new job. I didn’t realize that 10 hour shifts would take so much time. I hope the lame attempt at a joke worked there. Good news though, I’ll have 3 days a week to fish. Lately, fishing has been kicking my you-know-whatsit. The rivers remain high even after the runoff has slowed and the rain is becoming a bit bothersome. Did I move to Washington or Colorado?

Undaunted, there is still an adventure to be had today. My guess is that when you read this, I will be casting to fish that may or may not be under my fly.

A few weeks ago I mentioned “The Battle of the Buggers”, I was going to post later about the bugs that we were using, so this is a good time to post the picture of the bugs.

There are a few things I do a bit differently when it comes to tying buggers. I use flashabou as a rib. Whenever the dubbing gets scruffy, it really adds a dimensional look. The ones on the right were the winners of the war. Olive and brown buggers. I’m off to fish! Sorry the writing was a bit off today! Enjoy this weekend!



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