The Shuffle

Not much writing has been getting done on my end as of late. The winter season hasn’t been holding the fishing down. Already chalked up 4 good days on the water. Recently, the time to write a well thought out post is defeating me. The pen goes to paper and draws blank spaces to fill a word in the game of hangman. The Gallows are drawn and ready and the proverbial stickman awaits his fate. The stickman and I have something in common, our yet to be drawn bodies hang in wait until the next choice.

It is work that has been taking time and filling my head as of late. Fishing and other cerebral activities such as writing have been postponed until I get into the swing of things. The swing that balances life (fishing) and work.

It seems as of late, the more I become stressed, the more creative I become. The flies I have been tying are more fresh, relevant, new, and tied better than before. I’ve organized my supplies for once, because I realize that there must be some sort of chaos in my life for me to thrive. Now the seed of chaos is at work. Not bad chaos, but the need to keep putting it back into order like shuffled cards. You deal, play out the game, collect the cards, shuffle, and see what the next hand brings. Now, in the blog world, I shuffle. I’m betting big on my next hand.


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