Lost and Found Pt: 1 (The Journey of “Annette”)

There are so many metaphors between life and fishing that in this particular instance, they all apply and may remain unnamed. Even as I write, I know that some will shine through. If you know me very personally, you know what I have been going through as of late and again references to my life will be found in this post. Which is why the words will come first. Parts 2 and 3 will contain the trip (and the fish).

Lonely, drifting there in a back eddy, swept down the river by unnamed circumstance, she waited. Before I met her, Annette knew it was time to travel. She waited in a place she new I would find her. Maybe this was her freedom, maybe she needed to drift this this river to begin a new life. Trying to run from things that never happened as she chased down a dream. Stuck somewhere between both on a journey that only understands how to move forward. I removed her from her river, saved her, controlled her environment, and respected her. What more could she need? The same question that i have asked for years. What more is there that I couldn’t give, and why wouldn’t you say so if there were? Annette needed something new, I only know this after she left and would only ever truly understand and grasp the idea after she was gone. Hindsight is always 20/20 and one can’t be mad for things that have happened in the past because this is today and what we have to deal with is what we have right now. Annette was gone and I didn’t even realize that she had left. She didn’t slam the door or scream, just quietly moved along into another river, maybe to the ocean with calm waters where life would be simple, maybe onto that dream she had, maybe back home where I had saved her. The answer may never be found. Does it really matter? We know the case and the possible future, but Annette knew the future and that is good enough for me. On my way further down the same river, I accepted it somehow. This had nothing to do with me at all, it was the Journey of Annette. I walked further and ran into a group of fisherman, after hello’s one asked, “Did one of you lose a net?”
I said, “Yes, she is yours now. She is on a journey.”


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