Home Again


Life is strange sometimes. I have had a change in career and have been contemplating life itself. This usually leads to an emotional and artistic phase of life. One where you grab the reins and nothing happens. Where words and music pour out seemingly from the soul without control. Today is a new day.


As I lay here the clouds build around me. I see them, dragons that control the fire below. Beneath their wings you can feel their dispersion of air, the wind, the power. Some bearing two heads, some where they shouldn’t be at all. Lost among the crowd wrapped around pillars of the air.


Unknowingly, a world below them is frantically unfolding with new life. DNA unwinding, reconnecting, showing ancient strains. It knows what is above, it remembers the rain. It feeds on it. Like old friends that meet again, after millions of years they connect and evolve. There is creation and destruction here. Lost strains, new strains, and accidental ones.


They battle for dominance in a war that is waged in silence, measured in nanoseconds and millennia simultaneously. We are a blink. We are a snippet. Human kind, just one picture in the photo album of God and we know it.


Here I am, somewhere in the middle of eternity, yet in the middle of nowhere. This is where I live, and this is how I live. The love for something beyond our comprehension. Something the river tells you everyday.


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