Monthly Archives: July 2014


Some days, it seems the pendulum of the clock swings by in hours instead of seconds. Time accelerates through the seasons, leaving those in the fishing industry frantically pursuing what we never had time to accomplish. Finding time to remember what you forgot is another story altogether. Before we know it, the snow will begin to fall and we will be thinking about the spring and all of the things we want to accomplish next year. Which, at this rate, will be coming this afternoon.

Time spent fishing helps, being next to a lake full of cardiac-arrest inducing predator fish becomes counter productive. Musky fishing isn’t exactly relaxing. It is a sanctuary though. A calm relief from the typical, “what’re they bitin’ on?” Rhetoric. Replacing it with the sound of lapping waves is quite the relief. But those waves count the hours that tick away like seconds until both they, and time, freeze. I look forward to the coming years behind the counter I built from remnants of my childhood home.