Notes to self: Gambling

We are all entangled in the snare that is life. Each action results in a reaction that subtly alters our course. If ideas and dreams move too slowly, we give up in them and cash out before it is too late. Much like gamblers, coloring up and moving on is a sound idea. At the poker table, there is a man whose nickname is “The Dinosaur”. Because he has sat in the same position longer than any individual, he has learned and evolved with a table of people who come and go. Through all of his wins and losses, the odds are always in his favor. The answer to why is simple. Momentum.

Too often, people feel they have reached their apex in life and knowledge. That they know better in all situations, their way is the only correct way to go about your path. The fly fishing industry is one of the few whose “gods” are prevalent and make it known. Sometimes it seems that everyone wants to follow along, to breathe the same air, to walk in the same shoes and to cast the same rods. In the same token, some aspire to be those gods, to want the same affection that they think is felt by the ones in position. Even in the fly fishing industry, there are dinosaurs. People who are in it for the game, the excitement and pure sport. Again, the odds are in their favor.

I often think of secrets that I have shared and also the ones I have held. Secrets are only a mutual respect. A display of solidarity. I feel terrible letting one slip here and there, or teaching a competing guide how to catch more fish. With each of these confessions, I’m changing the game, changing my own game. Trying to become more efficient with the task before me, unknowingly. Deep down I know the info I shared will fizzle from the supreme beings I shared with. Each real person, each dinosaur, will use it for the purpose in which the info was intended, progression. Not just for myself, but everyone. The results are never instantaneous or known, just theoretical in nature. The only way to overcome is to keep moving, have faith and push that damned publish button. The odds are in your favor. Together, us dirty underdogs, will continually learn and never collect the credit for showing those gods of fly fishing what they “have always known”.

Keep pushing yourself and have fun doing it. Learn and love what you have near. Most importantly, do things the way you want to do them. Who knows, you might revolutionize something, you might help someone in the distant future.

Lesson #21: Stop making excuses and caring about what people might think. “If” is hypothetical rhetoric.


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