Recon Mission: Success

Beneath the noise of the inner city hustle and bustle, there are places relatively unknown to most anglers. Even though some might drive by everyday, the fish are right there waiting for a tug of war battle. These fish are the object of dreams in locations of nightmares.

If even so much as 1% of people are die hard anglers, there would be roughly 8,000 people gracing these waters daily. After hiking five miles, I saw a total of zero anglers. On a Saturday no less. Maybe places like these are too difficult, too technical. Is it really easier to drive over an hour to get to a more distant, easier upper-class fishery?

But these… These are the inner city hoodlums that nobody wants to mess with. Fish that are far too big for the water they occupy, these are carp. Finding their locations requires hiking miles of fishless waters for a single pod. If it is a challenge you are seeking, this is it.

Lesson #23: Carrying a fly rod around in the city elicits awkward stares.


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