Monthly Archives: July 2015

It Has Always Been a While

Five years ago, I thought it might be fun to delve into the world of the blog. To learn, to teach, to make people laugh and think about fishing from my perspective. I slowly withered and hoped for a shot at the “big time” like some sort of rockstar. Well, rockstar fly fishers don’t chase carp or musky, bass or gar. I’ll never get an award or nod from the masses for raising catfish to a fly on purpose. I will never appeal to those who think fly fishing is a sport of the high-class. I do not desire accolades or notoriety. I do, however, hope someone else does what I did and enjoys what fly fishing has to offer and all of what fly fishing encompasses. I do what I love because I love to do it. My payment comes in no form of success, but rather, failure. I have failed an attempt to be the serious and contemplative angler because that is not who I am. In an effort to show everyone who I am, I’m back to being that weird guy. Back to being me. I’m not going to catch trout to ogle over (well possibly…), I’m not going to be in black and white print (well, maybe that but hopefully never a magazine cover[not pretty enough]). I will stay true to who and what I am. I am a fly fisherman. I am a goof. Here’s a video. 

Please accept this as my non-immediate return to the blogging world. Maybe it will be another while.