Not a Rich Man

I may not live in a giant house or drive the newest of cars. I may not dine on the most elegant foods or drink the finest champagne. The shop I work in is not the most beautiful spectacle to behold. However, as mediocre as it all sounds, all of the things I have are all that I want or need in life. They exceed every expectation; the friends are true and the food is real. It may be a rustic way of living, but at least my excersize is climbing a mountain rather than flights of stairs. The decisions are whether or not to fish, rather than attend a meeting. I don’t live a life where I can ask what the easy way is. If I worked in an office building, the elevator would always be broken. On occasion, I ask myself why in a self loathing tone. Looking back, even in the five years I’ve spent blogging, it is all worth it. Every step was worth the work, every decision worth the effort. Even though I am not a popular guy with the masses, in the hearts of some, I am. I ended up in one of the most beautiful places on earth around the greatest people alive, my friends. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to share it. Without you, I would be miserable AND broke.  


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