Monthly Archives: January 2017

The First

Well now, I mentioned yesterday that I would begin to create more content. This is the first of that content. Rainbow trout in some little known tailwater in Northern NM. Twas a journey for sure. Here in the next week, be on the lookout for more videos. I’ll be creating a musky leader video, fly hacks, I’ve got a 3-day journey ahead of me and I’ll also be manufacturing a few more products. You’ll be first in line to see those!


Holy Shamolies!

It has been one year since I have posted anything here! As you have probably gathered, I am not so good at the blogging thing. I am currently thinking about finding new and interesting ways to use this format. I really like telling stories, but in the video format, it takes a very long time to edit and make all of that come together in my mediocre way. Maybe, I’ll start telling the stories when I upload videos without the narrative. Maybe that is what will happen. So, 2017 is  resurrecting the blog and maybe some interesting writing instead of photographic posts. I feel like Facebook and instagram are your places to see images and this blog format has essentially been reduced to essays. Not a bad thing by any means. I’m back in the blog (even though I have made this promise before)! Anyhow, I will not be linking this site from Facebook anymore. I’m going to let the blog be the blog. To all of my 5 followers, you can see more content on YouTube. If you haven’t subscribed already, please do. I feel that youtube is a great social platform if you feel so inclined.