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The Innerworkings…

I have been thinking lately that my little and slightly unknown page is in need for a bit of an overhaul. In the next few weeks you will see a bit more on the site. I am going to begin by adding a couple features.  “Fishnerdproof” and “Backcountrybugs” will be the first two additions. The next phase will be videos. The first step is YouTube, if I get good at it, I will then move to Vimeo. I was thinking one field test and one bug per month here, nothing too crazy.

Fishnerdproof will comprise of items that I actually use in the field and certain tests on certain items to ascertain the most functional products on the market. I am not asking for freebies, if they end up on my doorstep, you can guarantee your item will be torn, broken, smashed, shredded, or otherwise destroyed in the harsh New Mexico environment (AKA Fishnerd Testing Facility). All this stuff will be tested in real world situations and beyond that, in the same way my gear is tested. These “Reviews” will not happen often, but when they do, I’ll try to make them fun!IMGP0390

Backcountrybugs will be a tutorial place of sorts where I will demonstrate patterns that work, rather than untested flies (salmon flies are an exception to the rule). I might even talk about tips and new techniques to use when you sit behind a vise. I’ll also be covering “Outside-the-box” ways to use normal or old material. I may even have a guest type thing going on when I tie with other people. Who knows… Basically, it will be a tying resource. IMGP0396

The page will remain the same. I will write. That is all. Recently, I have become tired of seeing a lot of what I am seeing in the Fly Fishing world. It is not a popularity contest out there. It is not about egomaniacs. It is about the art, the inner-workings of the mind, the philosophy of the river, the peace of the chaotic outdoors, and so many more reasons. It is why we have something to write about all of the time. It isn’t a sales gimmick or a status symbol. It is fun, it is a passion, it is a love, and a way of life for many. A way of life that is sometimes a struggle.

I hope you enjoy the added features for 2013!

Posts to come next month…

Fishing with Sanders and tying with friends

Ice-out lake fishing

Early season hiking

The PT post

I know you guys have been waiting for a lot of this already, I have been a bit wrapped up with learning this new life.