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A Weekend With the Boss Pt:2 Tailwater Madness

In the hotel, we had access to a coffee machine. John’s plans had nothing to do with one. They did have to do with a french press and some freshly ground Hawaiian coffee beans. Nothing shy of brilliant if you ask me.  What, no access to heat either? Covered, thanks to a pack stove. To be honest it could have been the microwave, but the stove was used for dinner the night before. John likes his coffee strong, this was a matter of observation more than a stated question. The coffee did it’s thing in the bloodstream and the truck was packed before I even realized that I was awake. Where to now?

Destination 11 Mile: 

A couple of stops were made at certain secret locations to get our waders wet and fish some interesting water. As odd as it may sound, catching fish was not as high of a priority as fishing. To me, this does make sense in the way that John fishes. See, John doesn’t fish. He catches. Because of his catching ability, he reminded me of some things that I had forgotten over the past couple years and maybe taught me a few things as well. After going for a swim early in the day, Steven was repaid 2 fish for his karmic balance and a proud father stood close by cheering his son on. The kid is persistent and takes after his father. He out fished me during the morning session at 11 mile and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t happy about it.

The day wore on with some of the most angry fish I had ever been up against. Wading in stiff current, you find yourself playing goal tender to incoming freight trains and if you are slow with a net, say goodbye to your fly and fish. 

As the evening settled in, John showed his skill with the big fish of the day.

We fished until we couldn’t see and the evening turned into night. A cigar, beer and recent memories played in our heads on the somewhat silent trip home and I had forgotten that all of this time I had been out fishing with my boss. It has been a long time since I had a weekend like that, maybe even a lifetime.

Lesson #14: Ants are harder to remove from waders than they are from pants. Be careful where you sit.