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Epiphany (Conquering Cheesman)

The day after a 12 mile hike and a 12 hour sleep, the mind has time to rest. A time to reset and rethink. Even more accurately, rethinking how to unthink. To process the past and look to the future. The unplanned, immovable, unpredictable, uncontrollable, unfathomable, resistant, persistent, beautifully chaotic, future. This day I learned, progressed…image

I hiked down the canyon in the rain, keeping light on my toes. Maybe it was the excitement of the challenge, maybe it was the new pants. I really couldn’t tell. There was a fire in my step, fueled by a need. This desire came from somewhere beyond, I needed this. After life had chewed me up, I needed the fish to do the same. image

When I finally arrived, the water showed its ugly head. Gin clear and spooky fish. I saw massive mayflies hatching and rises were few and far between. I cast to seams in riffles, knowing the feeding fish were hanging there. It’s normal this time of year. The first few casts came up with nothing. I had to sift through my boxes. And then…image

I enjoy tying by the river, it gives me a sense of solitude. Knowing what is going on at any given moment and playing to that tune while also playing in tune. I had developed a fly for the Frying Pan River that has now been adapted to Cheesman. You never know the consequences to actions. Predict as you will, but we never find out until the end. I layed there on the old picnic table contemplating the thought, watching clouds dissipate, listening to the sounds of the canyon.image

Something went right that day, something that changed me on the inside. I needed the challenge. In life, I need the challenge. Something my teachers always said as I was growing up, “we aren’t challenging him enough”. So, sometimes I create a challenge. Sometimes, I do something to make life more difficult only for the purpose to overcome. This aspect of my life, fishing, can never be conquered, never perfected. After almost 20 years, I’m still on the water, still fly fishing, still learning.image