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A Day In The Life

People do not generally ask what my daily life is like. Being behind the counter of a fly shop drums up comments such as “must be nice” or “I would give anything to be in your shoes”. Unfortunately for most, the assumptions fall a bit short of the real thing. If you really love being broke and being asked “what are they biting on” on a regular basis, the shop life is definitely for you. Lucky for me, I hate money and love answering questions. I also love to be outside, which is what brought me here in the first place. Such a rookie move. I should have just buttered up to someone with a huge trust fund account that likes to fish. A paid personal fishing assistant if you will. (In case you are wondering, yes I would)

Here I sit though, compelled by past choices, trapped in the same fishing conversation I’ll be having for the rest of my life. It’s almost like Groundhog Day, the movie. As cringe-worthy as the movie is, I loved it.

Staring off into the void, that numb indirect stare not focusing on anything in particular, my mind races to flies and other assorted items that need improving. Building and rebuilding in my head until it flows effortlessly off of the vice. Which never happens as poetically as you want it to. Usually just a glob of materials dangling from a hook.

Without further ado, I write to you today, off the cuff. This comes with every intention of answering a question nobody has asked. I guess it fortifies how much I enjoy answering questions. I’ll even ask myself. Really, the only goal of the day is to tie a fly and fish it for about an hour till sunset. Just to possibly entice a musky into the most exciting moment of his life, a photo op.

I have been toying around with suspending style walking flies for some years now. The latest iterations involve restrictions in the articulating joints but tinkering with weight distribution is showing positive results. Summer is definitely not the time for giant articulating flies though. I am, however, going to spice up an X-tail. If you haven’t seen the X-tail video… Here Goes!


The absolute magic! Shimmer Fringe in bronze, yellow and blue!


Too big for the omni jaw, luckily I come prepared.



Such a sexy hook! Run through the tulips!


It is important to note: that is .035 lead free wire behind the barb. It is centerish between the head and tail of the fly. With mass there, in the middle, the fly sways left and right.


Add feathers… (should’ve picked some more photogenic stuff)


Add bucktail…


Add flash…


Add more flash…


add even more flash…


Repeat till complete!


A tiny morsel of yum.


Gah! Choices. Too much of a hurry to deal with this!


Throw on some chill tunes…


Conditions are PERFECT!!!!

To be continued…


Saying Yes

There isn’t much I can say about fishing late fall. I’ve never been good at it due to my hatred of fishing eggs and worms. It feels like cheating. I stay away from spawning browns and stick to my rainbows. While others reap the rewards by dredging eggs in hopes of a monster and it happens from time to time. I can’t discriminate, the difficulty of catching fish with insects this time of year is astounding and its easy to tie on an egg and “rip lips” or “stick pigs” with “tight lines”.

The night before was spent around a table eating chicken and drinking beer around warm conversation and a fire crackling in the background. One thing lead to another and the chicken became hand cranked popcorn and beer turned into eggnog. A simple life that now seems complex. The extra effort put forth from turning popcorn is now replaced by a microwave and a tv. I saw neither in this house and judging by the towering expanse of wood split by hand, there never will be. Things were mentioned about tying flies and Jay showed me some Banjo (the dog) dubbing contained in three, one-gallon bags. Without skipping a beat he mentioned that he likes to comb the dog. A lot was learned about the semi-new face that I would be fishing with the next day. I thought my life had taken me places until I began to hear the stories from Jay, instigated by Erin, who sat in her rocking chair gripping her mug of nog. We spoke of the past, reminiscing about things that sparked laughter at times and a tip of the hat to others. They had made me feel welcome and it nearly felt like I had slipped back in time. We had lived already, and we were about to live some more, the best way we knew how. By fishing.

The morning came and I sat at the table with Erin sharing a cup of coffee. I stared out the window at some feeding birds. I had no idea what they were and Erin educated me on them a bit. The drive into the canyon was quick, time was hurried by a sense of excitement. It was cold and windy. We gathered and clustered around rays of sun that peeked over the trees in the canyon to warm our feet from the nearly freezing river. It wasn’t long before Erin and Jay were into fish. The smiles that come with them are familiar, and the day began to brighten from the inside out. A day that the sun set too early. A day that will surely come to mind on more than one occasion. A day for old and new friends alike. I hope that a day like this will come again. As headlights twisted out of the canyon, I thought, “maybe I should have said yes to dinner.”