The Secret Order

Freemasons, The Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Knights Templar, and a slew of others comprise a world unknown to most of us. Unless, you are a member of them. To the ones on the outside, it looks like hoodoo, like a farse of mystery that we here in our word will never understand. If you are in, you have the power to do things an ordinary person can not. The ability to side-step the law with a secret handshake. You can get special treatment at a nightclub with a certain ring. A few words to the right people and… you know. Problem solved.

As creepy and fanatical as secret societies are, they do serve some sort of purpose. It is their purpose, but it is still a purpose whether it be nefarious or noble. These purposes are secret. Secrets are power. The more secrets you know, the more important you are. Now that you know, you belong to the secret order.

Who doesn't know this symbol?

You are part of the most secretive of secret orders. One that has strict rules and moral that become more and more strict as you climb the chain. One with strange rituals that would blow your mind. A secret order that when members see each other in passing only a nod is exchanged. You are a fly fisherman.

Recently I was sent out on a high order mission to tie, modify, and test a few flies for a lofty client in The Secret Order (also known as my boss). A week or so ago while fishing 11 mile canyon we exchanged words about a fly stream side. He called it, “the orange crush”. Since the name of a fly exists by that name and my modifications to the size, contour, materials, and weight have changed, I have renamed it the orange sherbert. It is equally delicious.

There is another secret fly worth noting called the “Cromer”, but if I mentioned that, I might have to shake hands with people who know other people.

Lesson 16: Don’t share other people’s secrets and don’t talk about fight club.


12 responses to “The Secret Order

  • Erin Block

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And the “farce of mystery” is oh so alluring. It really does feel that when you have a fly rod in hand, you’re part of a club — thousands of years old — with its own traditions, rituals, handshakes and yes, orange sherbert desserts.

  • fontinalisrising

    Yeah, it is an odd little fratority (fraternity/sorority). Code words or just a look will tell if you’re in or out. We had circles long before G+, and if you say or do the right things, know the right people you get to move into other circles. Some circles stay closed and off the radar, and only occasionally will you hear of their exploits. You nailed it.

  • flyfishilicious

    Respect dude. Glad to see a post from you!

  • Fly Fishing Crazy

    Great post. The lead-in was captivating, and the blocking out of fly just adds to the intrigue. So how do I join this “Secret Order” and gain access to this pattern you call “Orange Sherbert”?
    As to clubs, though, I once had an Eagle Claw fiberglass rod the cast like a club (sorry cofisher). Is that good enough for the “handshake”?

    • backcountryfishnerd

      Larry, we are all part of it. Heck, we are all leaders of our own secret order. As far as gaining access to the Orange or Lime Sherbert, you may just have to fish with the mythological figure that I fished with. However, you might get a glance of it while fishing with me. The “handshake” works for me! Ha! It’s good hearing from you Larry!

  • Sanders

    Really good stuff. I think that you are on to something…I watched Angels and Demons last night. This post was a perfect addition to my new found appreciation and fear of these secret societies….

    I was fishing a deep hole last weekend, didn’t have anything heavy enough to get it deep enough. Was wishing I had one of your “secret” flies…

    • backcountryfishnerd

      Sanders, the “Dave’s Roller” is no secret. It’s on the “Non-servicable parts” post. Go tie it up and find that hole again! Even though we aren’t going fishing tomorrow, I could give you some soon. I’m tying today.

  • cofisher

    I had a really nice comment this morning but decided I needed to keep it secret until we fish sometime.

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